We are exhibition logistics…

…and have been long before there was a name for it!!!


  • 1973   Foundation of BTG Bavaria Transport GmbH, with Head Office in Langweid/Augsburg by Klaus Rauch († 2001)
  • 1975   Our first exhibition in Paris – Aerosalon Le Bourget Even back then, we were there onsite, taking care of our clients’ needs.
  • 1984   Our first trade fair in China
  • 1987   BTG Messe-Spedition GmbH becomes an independent company (formerly an exhibition department within BTG)
  • 1988   Foundation of TRANSLINK Hong Kong (Joint Venture)
  • 1990   Introduction of the present-day logo of the BTG Group
  • 1993   Opening of a BTG Representative Office in Beijing and Shanghai (PR China)
  • 1997   Foundation of BTG EXPOTRANS Buenos Aires (Joint Venture)
  • 1998   Foundation of JAGUAR TRAFIMAR LOGISTICS Mexico City (Joint Venture)
  • 1999   Opening of a BTG Representative Office in Almaty (Kazakhstan)
  • 2001   Death of company founder Klaus Rauch 
  • 2005   Opening of BTG Representative Office in Moscow (Russia)
  • 2006   Foundation of BTG Suisse AG, Basel-Pratteln (Switzerland)
  • 2008   Foundation of BTG Expo GmbH, Frankfurt a. Main
  • 2008   Foundation of BTG International Freight Forwarding (Beijing) Co. Ltd., China
  • 2010   Foundation of OOO BTG Exhibition Logistics in Moscow
  • 2014   Foundation of BTG Events Europe AG (Switzerland), founding of BTG CargoSolutions AG (Switzerland)
  • 2016   Foundation of BTG Int’l Freight Forwarding (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch
  • 2017   BTG Messe-Spedition GmbH celebrates its 30th anniversary as an independent company