General exhibition build-up periods

By truck Air freight Sea freight
Europe / EU3 – 6 working days
Eastern Europe / Turkey2 – 3 weeks7 working days
USA3 weeks5 – 8 weeks
Middle East3 weeks7 – 8 weeks
Asia / China3 weeks8 – 9 weeks
India3 weeks9 – 10 weeks
Australia3 weeks9 – 10 weeks
South America3 weeks6 – 10 weeks
Africa3 – 5 weeks8 – 12 weeks

Sometimes only small packages are permissible for air freight transports within Europe, therefore please clarify the situation with us before placing your order.

This information is based on our experience and can deviate depending on the exhibition or resident fair agent.

We would therefore ask you to contact us immediately, if you plan to participate at an exhibition. We will then collaborate with our exhibition forwarding partner on the exact despatch data and send you our BTG-guidelines with all the important information for the exhibition transport.

Of course, we offer you this service free of charge and without any obligation. 

Container specifications

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Regardless of whether the shipment is sent by air or sea freight or by truck, for packaging we recommend that sturdy boxes be used and that these should also be adequate for the further transport and return transport after the exhibition. We advise not to use cardboard boxes.

Protect your exhibits against moisture and damage by using appropriate packaging (for example, with struts and dry material). The packaging must be so designed that it can be reused after the exhibition has finished.

All boxes/crates should be screwed and not nailed.
If loops cannot or should not be put around the boxes/crates then special lifting fixtures must be attached to enable unloading by crane or the boxes/crates must be fixed onto wooden boards, to enable unloading by forklift.

If you should pack several boxes together on a pallet as one single package, then always remark in the shipping documents, the number of packages which makes up the pallet (e.g. 1 pallet containing 5 boxes). Make sure each individual package has the consignee address on it.

Please attach a BTG exhibition label to two sides of the boxes BTG exhibition label >>  zum Download

Dangerous goods are subject to special packaging regulations. We ask you to observe these regulations in advance of transportation.


All packages should be clearly marked on two sides with the

following in English:

Exhibition Name
Exhibition Date
Town / Country

Exhibitor Name
Hall no.:
Stand no.:
Case no.:
Gross weight:
Net weight:
Dimensions: (L X B X H)

Total no. of packages:

Furthermore we recommend – where applicable – to add the following marks:
  • “FRAGILE” – for fragile goods on all sides
  • “THIS SIDE UP” – on crates, which should not to be put on their side
  • “FRONT SIDE” – for positioning on the stand
  • Points of unloading for side or top-heavy crates, when unloading by crane
  • Umbrella symbol where goods are sensitive to wetness

The packages should all be individually numbered (such as e.g. the type or serial number) and additionally the numbers should be consecutive, at the same time relating to the total number of packages in the consignment.

Please also mark single boxes which are then combined together on one or more pallets.


It is important that exhibition consignments are covered by a transport and exhibition insurance.

This insurance should not only cover the transport to and from the exhibition, but also cover the duration of the exhibition and all necessary work on the exhibition site. If the goods are stored in a bonded warehouse, then this must normally be insured separately. Insurance for storage will only be taken out if you explicitly ask for this to be done.

BTG Events Europe LTD offers special exhibition transport insurance to its customers. The necessary order for insurance can be given to us in connection with your shipping order.

The packaging can also be insured, as long as you specifically indicate this on your order for insurance and also note down the packaging value.

Packaging which does not meet up to operational demands can be excluded from the protection of the insurance coverage. Restrictions of insurance protection also threaten to occur in the case of dispatch and/or package data not being noted down precisely in the shipping order.

During delivery to the exhibition booth and redelivery to the domicile, any possible damage must be noted in detail on the delivery note and countersigned by the respective driver. If there is nothing noted on the delivery note, then any cases of transport damage will categorically be rejected by the insurance company. In the case of damage the obligation of notification must be carried out in accordance with the standard terms and conditions of Spedlogswiss.